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As a world class research based university with an entrepreneurial spirit, NU has always been an exemplary leader in anticipating and responding to change. This philosophy dictates scanning the local and global environment for emerging trends. Today’s business environment is defined by global competition and challenges that require advanced professional competencies.
Every organization (individual) is always vulnerable to chasms; the area where business and technology disciplines got disconnected or miss aligned. Stemming from the rising demand for professional training and development provided by highly qualified instructors with international experience, NU is offering a new set of educational services targeting the industry and working professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, in the form of professional executive inductions, courses and high value course bundles aimed at specialized industries.



To Be the Best-In-Class Talent Marketplace


Growing Talents for Developing Technology-driven Economies


Section 1: Talent Development

The talent-based services are about crossing the talent gap for either individuals or corporates. Such services include the following:

A. Professional Certificates

NU provides distinguished professional certificates that meet individual and corporate needs in the process of building and growing their talents. The main areas of specialization are:

    • Management of Technology Track (areas covered such as: Technology Management, Innovation Management, New Product & Service Development, and Commercialization)
    • Business Excellence Track (areas covered such as: Business Essentials, Executive Management, Leadership, Risk Management, Office Management, and Finance & Investment)
    • Technical Track (areas covered such as: Software Engineering Professional Certification, and Information Security)
    • International Construction Management Certificate (areas covered such as: Project Management, Finance, Legal aspects, construction methods and codes)


B. Tailored Certificates

A wide-rage of customized and tailor-made certificates that meet business needs. A unique mix between technology and business inductions that all help to profitability, wealth creation, and competitivness.


C. Innovation & Ideation Boot Camp

The Innovation Camp is designed to challenge the participants in the art of entrepreneurship and customer driven innovation. The participants are competing in teams of 4-6 people to come up with the best solution to a real life problem.


The Innovation Camp is based on Intel Youth Enterprise Innovation Camp that is an intense two-day simulation of the entrepreneur’s journey – all the way from problem identification to business pitch. The framework is a four step approach to innovation where the participants learn how to identify and select a specific user need, do research to find and screen relevant technologies, generate and conceptualize a brilliant solution, use visual communication and prototyping to pitch the idea to the jury.


Since 2012, a number of 20+ Ideation Camps had been conducted all over Egypt, with a number of 2500+ participants representing either students, individuals, professionals and startups.

D. Crash Courses/Workshop


Section 2: Professional Services

A. Seminars and Workshops about “Business & Technology” for Talent Development

NU has also launched more than 15 seminars for the industry, the business community and academics from different Egyptian universities, touching upon, and opening debate in timely issues such as “Petroleum and Alternative Energy: Present & Future” presented in Arabic by H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yammani, Ex. Saudi Arabian Minister of Oil and founder of the Centre for Global Energy Studies, “Innovation for Growth: The 3M Experience” presented by Dr. Lockwood Carlson” from 3M, “The Languages of Influence: from Politics to Business” presented by Dr. Brian Leggett from IESE Business School and the “Global Outlook : Where’s the World Economy Heading” presented by Professor Pedro Videla from IESE Business School.


B. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competitions

NU is a key contributer in most of the entrepreneurship and innovation competition in Egypt and the region. Being an academic advisor and partner adds a a great value to such comptitions. NU throught its network of professionals, industry leaders and mentors give support in many aspects. NU is a partner of choice for Intel Business Challenge, Arab Technology Business Plan Competition (TBPC), Startup Weekend, Made in Egypt (MIE) Competition and many others.


“Entrepreneurship Driving License© (EDL)” Certification is a cutting-edge unique certificate for entrepreneurship. EDL provides comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. EDL is a mix of tools and techniques to launch and grow new business covering (but not limited to) the following areas: Business Analysis, Market and Competitors’ Analysis, Finance and Operations Management, Management Team and Business Models.


 Section 3: Consultancy and Advisory Services (CAS)

CAS is a technology and business consulting, strategic planning and development arm specializing in emerging markets. CAS assists clients take advantage of new opportunities in technology/innovation-driven and business, and facilitate short and long-term planning and development.


For More Information about Entrepreneurship Activities at Nile University Please check NU Entrepreneurship Page