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Eng. Atef Helmy

Chairman of Orange Egypt Telecom and former Minister of Communications and Information Technology
When I was Managing Director and CEO of Orcale, I was working closely with Nile University in Data Warehouse and Balance Scorecard. Currently, I am in charge of Orange Telecom's Board of Directors. Orange is working with Nile University on a national project that will have a significant economic and social impact which is Smart cards in agriculture.
mohamed hanna

Eng. Mohamed Hena

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Vodafone Egypt Foundation for Community Development
Vodafone Egypt has been honored to support Nile University since its establishment for its belief in the importance of having a distinguished technological education in EgyptVodafone Egypt Foundation for Community Development has established a research unit that has entered the Wireless Networks Section under the name Mobile for Good. The unit aims to provide applications and solutions using mobile and telecommunications technology and has served students, graduate students and also some emerging businesses. The submitted applications were very intelligent and provided solutions and practical applications for existing problems in the community.

Eng. Hani Mahmoud

Chairman of HM Consulting and former Minister of Communications and Information Technology Member of the Board of Trustees of Nile University
I can’t describe my happiness on the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Nile University, I witnessed when it was only dream which turned into an idea and then finally materialized into reality.

Dr. Moataz Khorshid

Former Minister of Higher Education, Member of the Board of Trustees at Nile University
“NU graduates are highly demanded in the job market, since the multiple skills and majors required by the current job market are fulfilled at NU”

Eng. Naguib Sawiris

Member of NU Board of Trustees Executive Committee, Executive Chairman, Orascom TMT
All faculty members are highly ranked in their fields. There is a strong bond between faculty and their students. Every year, when we see the excellent research work and inventions produced by the University, we realize that Nile University is indeed a distinguished institution, one that we will continue to support.

Peter Packer

Front-end Developer
“ LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin designed with flexible & scalable eLearning system in mind. This WordPress eLearning Plugin comes up with 10+ addons (and counting) to extend the ability of this WordPress Learning Management System. This is incredible. ”

Dr. Raouf Ghabbour

Chairman and CEO of Ghabbour Auto
  “I have always believed that the only way to transform Egypt into a developed and prosperous country able to provide its population with the highest level of living standards is to seriously invest in our education system and scientific research in order to transform the Egyptian population from a liability needing high levels of financial subsidy into the most valuable asset which will contribute positively to the welfare and prosperity of future generations . NU was clearly my choice for support being the first Ahleya University , with the right vision and mission leading to my objective stated above , I’m determined to continue supporting it and am confident it will have a clear contribution in achieving our dream of the New Egypt of Tomorrow .” " I am delighted to have the opportunity to have a partnership between industry and a university for the first time" -from the opening of FACT event "NU towards university industry partnership-

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